What do we do? All things audio. We offer recording, editing and mixing services for post-production and music.


Just as important as creating great music, capturing it right is essential. We have a wide selection of equipment to choose from and the expertise to make your recording the best it can be.


We can assist you with creative decisions, focus on arrangements, structure, and instrumentation to bring your art to life. We’ll help you take care of the entire production process.


Now that we have all the pieces of the puzzle, we’ll combine everything into a single session, work on levels, frequency content, dynamics, positioning and effects to deliver a cohesive outstanding final mix in stereo or 5.1 surround.

Voice Over

Bring your content to life. We offer casting, directing and voice-over recording for youtube videos, animation, video games, dubbing and more.

Audio Repair

Improve the sound quality of a great performance. We remove ambient noise, reverb, clipping, distortion and other artifacts from pre-recorded audio.

Sound Design

Give your audience an immersive experience. Our team can create a realistic sonic landscape by designing organic sound effects and ambiances to accompany your video content.